A/Prof Andrew Gill

A/Prof Gill is the Director of Outreach Education, Women’s & Newborn Health Service at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Western Australia, Australia.

A/Prof Gill is a forming member of the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM), Certificate of Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU) program.  He co-supervises Australian and New Zealand training and credentialing in neonatologist performed ultrasound and also runs a Masters Program in neonatal ultrasound through the University of Western Australia.

A/Prof Gill has developed and published benchmarking in NNI and is currently translating this to an ANZ wide program.  He is particularly interested in the adaptation of industrial control methodology in this area. A/Prof Gill is also an active member of an international research collaboration studying the physiology of transition.  This group has mainly utilized a sheep model but is now moving into transitional studies in the human neonate, where they have rewritten the physiology of the circulatory changes at parturition and the responses to cord clamping.

In addition to many local Western Australian (WA) committees, A/Prof Gill is a member of several ANZNN committees and National Neonatal Resuscitation working group and of ASUM CCPU.

A/Prof Gill is a Chief Investigator on the POLAR Trial and sits as a representative on the Trial Executive Committee.

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