Ms Elizabeth Perkins

Ms Elizabeth Perkins is a registered nurse and midwife whose interest is centred on improving outcomes for both preterm and term neonates. After completing training in both general nursing and midwifery, Elizabeth worked in both the hospital and community settings before completing further post-graduate studies. Neonatal intensive care has been her primary interest for the past 20 years working in clinical areas before moving into data management and being instrumental in the establishment and daily management of the neonatal database at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Australia. In 2012 she moved into Neonatal Research at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) where she is currently employed as a Clinical Research Nurse Consultant, co-ordinating and facilitating multiple local and international neonatal studies.

Ms Perkins sits as a representative on both the Trial Executive Committee (TEC) and the Trial Steering Committee (TSC).

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