Ms Francesca Orsini

Ms Francesca Orsini is a Biostatistician within the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatics Unit (CEBU) at the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre (MCRI), Melbourne Australia.

Ms Orsini commenced her career as a biostatistician in 2009, working in an Italian contract research organisation (CRO), OPIS Srl. In 2011 she moved to Melbourne to join CEBU, where she is also a member of the Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre (MCTC). Ms Orsini’s role encompasses protocol design, protocol writing, contributing to grant applications, all aspects of statistical analysis and manuscript writing, for a wide-range of clinical trials, including studies in pre-term neonates, allergy studies, novel vaccines, cerebral palsy, public health, and education. She is also an active member of various DSMBs.  Francesca has published 27 papers in peer reviewed journals such as JAMA and Lancet Infect Diseases.

Ms Orsini is the lead biostatistician for the POLAR Trial and sits as a representative on both the Trial Executive Committee (TEC) and the Trial Steering Committee (TSC).

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