Ms Laura Galletta

Ms Laura Galletta is a Clinical Trial Manager based within the Melbourne Children’s Trial Centre (MCTC), at the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre (MCRI), Melbourne Australia.

Ms Galletta commenced her career in medical research, working for 12 years in oncology research with a focus on Ovarian Cancer genomics and genetics, before moving into the clinical trials landscape in 2012.  With a passion to contribute to the “bench to bedside” principal of medical research, moving into the clinical trial landscape was the next natural progression. In the following 7 years, she developed and managed a portfolio of both local and international large-scale investigator-led clinical trials within an oncology setting.

In early 2020, Ms Galletta changed direction, only ever so slightly, and moved into the paediatric clinical trial setting at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne Australia. Her primary role is to develop and manage the trial, working alongside Prof David Tingay (POLAR CPI), the POLAR Trial Executive and Steering Committees, in order to execute and deliver the trial at participating collaborating institutions globally.

In this role, Ms Galletta leads the Trial Coordinating Centre by supporting both Committees through the overall coordination and facilitation of the trial and its day-to-day activities.

Ms Galletta is the international POLAR Clinical Trial Manager and sits as a representative on both the Trial Executive Committee (TEC) and the Trial Steering Committee (TSC).

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